In our never-ending quest to provide All Natural Meats for our customers, we have started offering Wild Pork. These are feral hogs which we will be harvesting from our ranches or purchasing through our USDA processor to provide our customers with pork that has no additives, preservatives, coloring, or anything “sugar cured” as with store bought pork. This pork will work for your next “Whole 30” diet!

The animals are brought to our USDA inspected processing facility where they are processed humanely and the meat is cleaned and properly cared for under the watchful eye of a USDA inspector. Remember, these are wild animals and do not “herd” or “gather” like cattle. We use special traps to humanely capture these wild animals and protect the humans who load them onto trailers for processing. We cannot represent them as “grass fed”, as they eat anything and everything Mother Nature presents. But you will not find a more All Natural source of pork which is as lean, healthy, and delicious.

Our Pork

Wild Boar Pork Chop

Wild Boar Sausage

Wild Boar Ground Pork

“Cut to Size” Bacon

Boneless Leg Ham

Wild Boar Strip Loin

Wild Boar Tenderloin

French Rack