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From our ranch to your table.
Our Ranch

The Bar 3 Ranch is a family-owned cattle operation based out of Central Texas.

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Our Beef

The Bar 3 Ranch raises Angus and Angus cross cattle on the finest perennial and annual grasses planted to produce consistently great-tasting grass fed beef.

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Order what you need; pay for what you get. Choose from one of our assortment boxes, or build a box based on the exact cuts of beef you want.

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What Our Customers Say
With the things I see everyday as a cardiovascular surgeon, the health of my family (including 3 growing boys) is paramount. We traditionally have eaten mostly venison, because it's organic and a great source of lean protein, but now that I’ve found Bar 3 Ranch, we're switching! It's healthier and tastes better. After learning about the program at Bar 3 Ranch I know that they are doing things the right way. They are a sustainable operation and the animals are well taken care of, never herded, and there's no "artificial" anything. They use genetically managed Angus cattle that live their whole lives on high vitamin, high protein natural grasses. The beef is very lean and tasty, plus it's rich in vitamins and good fats (omega-3 fatty acids and oleic acid), while being lower in the bad fats (saturated and trans-fats). This is the profile with the potential to reduce heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. I highly recommend Bar 3 Ranch All-Natural Grass Fed Beef for your family, as I do for mine.
Dr. Brent New Cardiologist, Missouri
As a Culinary Institute of America (CIA) trained Chef, working with clients like Bar 3 Grass Fed beef is so refreshing. Being able to receive excellent flavor, texture, and marbling in beef, while knowing in good conscience how it was raised, is a dynamic duo. My main priority when creating the recipes for Bar 3, was promoting the natural heart healthiness of grass fed beef. Primarily focusing on using eclectic spices and aromatics, to really highlight the robust grass fed beef flavor. Awesome product, great company, and genuinely delicious flavor.
Chef Megan Shea Dallas, Tx
Five stars isn't enough to describe the deliciousness of this grass fed beef! Every dish I create with it turns out so much richer-tasting than similar store bought cuts. Burgers, chili, lasagna, meat loaf, stir-fry, fajitas, steaks, ribs, and roasts--all super tasty and fantastic. Easy to purchase, delivered beautifully, and well worth the price. I would highly recommend Bar 3 Ranch All-Natural Grass Fed Beef!
Carole C. Phoenix, AZ
Best flavored steak and most tender that I have ever had. What a difference their diet makes!
Nancy E. Taos, NM
We had a delicious burger this past weekend made with the natural grass fed beef from Bar 3 Ranch. The burger was lean and had such a good flavor. Excited to now try the round steak cutlets for dinner tonight!
Janet R. Round Rock, TX
Our guests at Jack Allen's Kitchen in Round Rock, Texas appreciate the care and flavor of Bar 3 Ranch grass fed beef. We use it in our JAK's Patty Melt and in our Chile Rellenos. This is a great product!
Chef Cesar P. Round Rock, TX
The ground beef we made into hamburgers, and they were fantastic and noticeably flavorful. They kept their shape great while cooking and had little shrinkage. I cooked the brisket on my Rec Tec Smoker and it also had great flavor. The fat content had a consistency that I had not seen in other briskets I purchased from meat markets and stores. Thanks again for the great customer service!
Craig C. Katy, TX