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1/4 Steer


Please select from available quarters.* Each quarter is somewhere around 100lbs (depending on the size of the steer) and features 1/4 of all cuts on the steer.

Quarter A: 86.58lbs

Quarter B: 91.50lbs

Quarter C: 90.36lbs

Quarter D: 86.14lbs

*Quarters A,B,C,D will vary in weight in price. Choose from available quarters according to what fits your needs and budget!



The BBQ Box is great when you want to fire up the pit and smoke the day away. With an assortment of available cuts like brisket, short ribs, spare ribs, skirt steak, and hamburger/ground beef, your barbecue is sure to be the best on the block.


Grill Master Box


The Grillmaster Box features an assortment of available cuts that are perfect for grilling, such as Boneless Ribeye, Sirloin, NY Strip, Filet/Tenderloin, Skirt Steak, and Hamburger/Ground Beef.


Slow Cooker Box


Throw anything from our Slow Cooker box into your crock pot and let it cook low and slow throughout the day. With a variety of available sirloin tip roast, chuck roast, or round roast, stew meat, spare or short ribs, and ground beef, dinner will be nearly effortless and completely delicious.


Ground Beef Lovers Box


Grass fed ground beef is different and better than regular ground beef because you’re getting a wider variety of cuts ground into the hamburger. Our ground beef is mixed 80/20, meaning your burgers, tacos, meatloaf, and whatever else will be tender, juicy, and healthy.


Boneless Leg Ham


Great slow cooked in the crock-pot for “Pulled Pork Carnitas”.

Bar 3 Ranch Shirt


Super soft unisex Bella Canvas t-shirt!



Cut to Size Bacon


This cut comes from the belly of the pig, which is used for Bacon. Ours is the whole slab of belly, which allows you to cut your Bacon to the size you prefer. Approx. 5lbs

French Rack Of Wild Boar


Similar to a Rack of Lamb, but Pork. 8 to 10 bone. Approx. 4lbs

Pre-Order Deposit for 1/2 or Full Steer


Once your deposit is paid, we will contact you to discuss your cut preferences.

If you are interested in a 1/4 steer, please visit our shop page to see what is in stock.

Your deposit places you in line to receive beef. If we run out of beef before fulfilling your preorder, we will refund your deposit or offer you the chance to change your order.

**Please note that shipping charges are not included. In order to preserve your meat, shipping charges can range from $60 to $150, depending on your location and the size of your order.

Souper Broth Box


Soup bones, Ox Tail, Osso Bucco, stew meat, and anything else you can throw in your soup pot make this the perfect box for prepping for your next Whole30 or getting ready for cozy cold weather soups.