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Docile, Happy Cattle Produce Tender Beef

By July 14, 2019 June 6th, 2023 No Comments

“Marbling”, the level of Intramuscular Fat (IMF) of the beef, is key to the tenderness and flavor of Bar 3 Ranch grass fed beef. But the IMF is heavily influenced by the way cattle are handled and treated. Cattle produce more tender beef when they are not stressed and anxious with aggressive handling techniques.

A docile, happy steer produces more tender beef.

“That is why we DNA test the mothers for docility to make sure we start with the right genetics, then we handle them in a stress-free manner,” says Jeff Rusk, of Bar 3 Ranch Grass Fed Beef.

“We provide a custom blended cube of molasses and alfalfa as a tasty treat that brings ‘em running to us!” says Rusk. “When we move cattle from pasture to pasture or into the corral for health inspections, it is no big deal. Easy handling technique equals a tender steak on your plate.” 

Check out this video where Rusk demonstrates calling the cattle. “We don’t herd our cattle. They come to us when we call,” he says.