Recipes from Our Family to Yours

We want to make sure you don’t just enjoy the health benefits of our grass fed beef, but also the experience of eating it. We partnered with Culinary Institute of America Chef Megan Shea to develop simple, delicious, heart-healthy recipes for you to try. We’ve also included some tried and true family favorites. If you’re unsure of how you’d like to prepare a particular cut of beef you’ve received, try one of our recipes listed below. We think they’re pretty dang good, if we do say so ourselves.

Preparation Tips:

We recommend you remove grilling cuts from the freezer to thaw the night before you want to cook it. Take it out of the package and lightly cover it with your favorite marinade and season to taste. Cover it in the pan and let it thaw overnight, and then bring it to room temperature before you put it on the grill. Cook it a little short of your desired doneness and then “tent” it under foil for a few minutes to allow the juices to settle in the meat.

Beef Tips Stir Fry

Try Beef Tips Stir Fry for a healthier take on your favorite takeout. Cooking Tips About This Cut: Our Beef Tips come from the tenderloin…
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Chicken Fried Cutlets

Chicken Fried Steak Cutlets are an easy and delicious dinner your whole family will enjoy. Cooking Tips About This Cut: Round Steak Cutlets, or Cubed…
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Osso Bucco Stew

Try osso bucco to reap the benefits of the minerals and vitamins found in the marrow and bone! Cooking Tips About This Cut: Osso Bucco…
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Slow-Roasted Short Ribs

Try this recipe for fall-off-the-bone perfection. Cooking Tips About This Cut: Short Ribs are ribs taken from the plate cut, located at the bottom of the rib…
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Crock Pot 6-Spice Sirloin Tip Roast

Just stick this roast in the crock pot and let the magic happen throughout the day. Cooking Tips About This Cut: The Sirloin Tip Roast…
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Creamy Pesto Roulade with Cutlets

Turn steak night up a notch with this deliciously creamy twist on a steak roulade. Cooking Tips About This Cut: Round Steak Cutlets, or Cubed…
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Filet with Cherry Tomato & Fennel Jam

Boost the flavor of your super tender filet with a savory jam. Cooking Tips About This Cut: The Filet comes from the short loin, which is…
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Carne Guisada

Try this warm, comforting skillet dish for a quick meal. Cooking Tips About This Cut: Round Steak Cutlets, or Cubed Steak, comes from the beef round…
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Cranberry Glazed Sirloin

Slightly sweet and full of flavor, this recipe for a delicious sirloin will impress any date, or turn any week-night dinner into an extraordinary affair.…
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Bar 3 Classic Burger

Nothing beats a juicy hamburger, especially one made from scratch. Roll up your sleeves and build a burger flavored–and cooked–just the way you like it.…
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