How it Works
Beef boxes designed just for you

Want to fill your freezer with a whole lot of beef? Order a full or half animal. Just need 20 pounds for your next barbecue? No problemo. Our boxes are scaleable to fit your needs. We offer 20 and 40 pound boxes filled with an assortment of available cuts, and each box will include ground beef. You can also build your own box, or even buy a quarter, half, or whole animal. The more you order, the less you pay! We require a minimum order of 20lbs. We can ship via UPS, or you can select Local Pickup during checkout to pick up your beef at our ranch for free.

If you choose to have your order shipped, it will ship on Monday or Tuesday via UPS, and will include frozen gel packs or dry ice if necessary to ensure it stays frozen until you open it. We only ship Monday and Tuesday to ensure your beef has time to be delivered without the risk of it getting stuck on a UPS truck over the weekend. We will get you an assortment of the meat identified in the box description based on availability and size (so we can fit it in the box!).

For the Grillmaster

The Grillmaster Box features cuts that are perfect for grilling, with an assortment of available steaks such as Boneless Ribeye, Sirloin, NY Strip, Filet/Tenderloin, Flank Steak, Skirt Steak, Tri Tip, Mock Tenderloin/Petite Filet, Flat Iron, Delmonico, Denver, and Hamburger/Ground Beef.

Price: $15/lb for 20lbs, $14.50/lb for 40lbs

Beef Up Your Barbecue

The BBQ Box is great when you want to fire up the pit and smoke the day away. With an assortment of available cuts like brisket, short ribs, spare ribs, skirt steak, and hamburger/ground beef, your barbecue is sure to be the best on the block.

Price: $10/lb for 20lbs, $9/lb for 40lbs

The Souper Broth Box

An assortment of available cuts such as Meaty Soup Bones, Ox Tail, Osso Bucco, stew meat, beef tips, ground beef/hamburger and anything else you can throw in your soup pot make this the perfect box for prepping for your next Whole30 or getting ready for cozy cold weather soups.

Price: $5.50/lb for 20lbs, $5.25/lb for 40lbs

Slow and Steady Cookin'

Throw anything from our Slow Cooker box into your crock pot and let it cook low and slow throughout the day. With a variety of available cuts such as sirloin tip roast, chuck roast, osso bucco, bottom round roast, stew meat, spare or short ribs, and ground beef, dinner will be nearly effortless and completely delicious.

Price: $7.50/lb for 20lbs, $7/lb for 40lbs

Ground Beef Lovers Box

Grass fed ground beef is different and better than regular ground beef because you’re getting a wider variety of cuts ground into the hamburger. Our ground beef is mixed 80/20, meaning your burgers, tacos, meatloaf, and whatever else will be tender, juicy, and healthy.

Price: $8/lb up to 20lbs, $7/lb up to 40lbs, $6.25/lb up to 100lbs