Our best deal available is a quarter, half, or whole animal. Every animal is different, but you should end up with 300 to 400 pounds of actual meat. On the whole animal, you’ll get every cut you see in our Gallery and the organ meat, ox tail, tongue — the Whole animal! On the half or quarter, you’ll get that percentage of the whole animal. While it varies with each animal, you will usually see about 20% grilling steaks, 30% roasts like chuck, sirloin tip, briskets, stew meat, etc., 30% ground beef, and 20% short ribs, spare ribs, meaty soup bones, osso bucco, organ meat, ox tail(great for soup stock!), bone marrow bones, tongue, etc. Each cut will be individually packaged, as we do all of our other cuts.

With so much meat coming your way, we cannot do shipping on this selection, and only offer ranch pick up. But come on out and we’ll throw in a ranch tour and show you how we do it!

Remember, we charge based on the “finished” weight, not on the “hot hanging” weight, so you only pay for the meat you get (For more information on how our pricing better benefits you, see our FAQs page). When you order, we’ll get you the exact weight on your animal and get you your exact price so you can bring a check or cash for pick up. We suggest a 22 cu ft freezer to store a whole animal at your place.

Quarter of a Beef: $10/lb finished weight

Half of a Beef: $9/lb finished weight

Whole Beef: $8/lb finished weight

Please note: We are giving you a deep discount in the price for the volume of beef you are getting, so please understand that to get that discounted price, you have to take the volume. For this price, you will receive all the cuts on the quarter, half, or whole animal, depending on your order.


Interested in learning more? Visit our Bulk Beef page.