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Grass Fed Beef the Argentinian Way

By May 8, 2019 No Comments

The Bar 3 Ranch Secret to MARBLING Grass Fed Beef the Argentinian Way

At Bar 3 Ranch we have studied under experts who finish beef in Argentina; a country world-renowned for tenderness and flavor of their grass fed and finished beef.  The methods we employ provide all the health benefits of Grass Fed Beef while also maximizing flavor.

Beef is graded as “Select”, “Choice” or “Prime”. The reason you pay more for “Prime” is that it has a higher “Intramuscular Fat” (IMF) content which makes the beef more tender and delicious. Feedlots can produce higher amounts of Prime as they use grain to maximize calories, limit their ability to walk, and employ other methods that increase Prime but at the cost of Health. Even some “Grass Fed” producers will finish their animals on grain to help get marbling, but they are trading off the health benefits of vitamins and calories to get flavor and tenderness.

At Bar 3 Ranch we don’t sacrifice Health or Taste. We DNA test our mother cows to select those that produce the best tenderness, docility, and marbling.  A docile animal is more tender than a stressed animal. We also background our calves until they are fully grown before we put them into our finishing program. Think about it, when you are full grown and eat too many calories you don’t get taller; you get fatter!

Here’s how we ultrasound our cattle to produce high-quality beef:

Bar 3 Ranch animals have great genetics, the animals fully grow, and our calves eat annual grasses planted yearly. We give the animals a high caloric intake that exceeds their daily nutritional needs and naturally marbles the beef.  This allows us to leave them on a diet of only grass, keeping the health benefits and gaining weight fast enough in the finishing period to have the marbling (IMF) we need for your steak to be not only healthy but tender and flavorful.

Bar 3 Ranch Grass Fed Beef is devoted to the absolute best tasting healthy beef… WE MAKE HEALTHY TASTE GOOD!

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