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Why Grass Fed Beef Is More Nutritious Than Grain Fed

By June 26, 2019 February 4th, 2022 No Comments

Here’s Why You Should Choose Grass Fed Beef
The saying “you are what you eat” rings truer now more than ever as health-conscious consumers turn to diets like Paleo, Carnivore, Whole 30 and Keto to lose weight or improve their overall health. Whether you follow a strict diet or simply want to shed a few pounds, eating nutrient-rich ‘real’ food is key to lower carbs and fat calorie intake. However, it’s important to incorporate protein into your diet plan in order to maintain and build muscle. One of the best dietary protein sources comes from animals– read on to learn the health differences between grass fed beef and grain fed beef…

Grass Fed Beef Versus Grain Fed Beef
Grass fed cattle offer vitamin dense beef full of anti-oxidants and heart-healthy fats because of the type of grasses they eat. In order to produce tender, tasty beef that is high in vitamins, Bar 3 Ranch cattle are grass finished on a free range of a nutritional blend of grasses–Oats, Triticale, Radishes, and Rye. On the flip side, grain fed cattle are missing the vitamin-rich grasses in their diet because they are packed into feedlots, and given growth hormones and antibiotics. Grass-fed and finished beef not only provides a clean, rich flavor, but it is leaner–providing 2x the vitamins and half the calories compared to grain fed beef.  That’s great, but shouldn’t it taste good too?

Bar 3 Ranch Grass Fed Beef

Bar 3 Ranch cattle grazing on a nutritious blend of Oats, Triticale, Radishes and Rye grasses.

“The quality of Bar 3 Ranch grass fed and finished beef stems from our cattle genetics, nutrition, environment, and Argentinian finishing technique. To ensure we produce the most tender, marbled meat, we ultra-sounded and DNA tested the mothers to verify their intramuscular fat (IMF) exceeds 4%, which meets the USDA grade of Choice.” according to Jeff Rusk, Bar 3 Ranch Grass Fed Beef Founder. (See how we Ultrasound to verify Intramuscular Fat levels to ensure a tender, tasty steak HERE)

“The rich flavor and velvet-like texture of our grass fed beef is so smooth that the cuts don’t need special sauces, and the tenderloin can actually be cut with a fork,” says Rusk.  (See a video of how this is true HERE).

Skip the grocery store steak and go direct to Bar 3 Ranch, your local source for all-natural, healthy and delicious grass fed beef.  “Folks come out to us because the beef is so tender and flavorful, and it just happens to be healthy” says Rusk.

Shouldn’t you enjoy what you eat?