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Bar 3 Ranch Beef Health And Safety Testing

By May 30, 2019 No Comments

All Natural Grass Fed BeefBar 3 Ranch Grass Fed Beef Health and Safety Testing Standards

Did you know the USDA recently recalled beef due to E. coli concerns? The USDA has a zero-tolerance policy in raw beef products to protect consumers from E. coli. Testing our beef for health and safety is a standard quality practice at Bar 3 Ranch. A sample of our beef is sent to the state lab for quality testing before we sell to our customers.

Our all-natural beef is completely grass fed and finished. We use no preservatives and our cattle are never given hormones or antibiotics.  We’ve worked hard to create meat that’s both healthy and delicious. We dry age our meat for 21 days to breakdown the muscle and help make the meat tender.

Bar 3 Ranch has stringent safety standards that guarantee nutritious beef is delivered from our ranch to your table. Ready to start eating healthy beef?  Shop now.